Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art & Poetry - Toronto to Berlin

After a previous post that talked of a journey Berlin-Toronto, it is now time to retrace our steps and go from Toronto to Berlin.

The connecting line between the two cities is the Canadian magazine dandelion ("art and literature on the edge") that includes two pictopoems created by the authors of this blog: Tatiana (drawings) and Irina (poetry).

The theme of the two pictopoems is the city of Berlin and they are part of a series of similar pictopoems that we have been working for a while.

We hope you visit the site of the literary magazine "qarrtsiluni"  to get a feel for what our Berlin pictopoems looks like (-->here) and that you would visit our blog soon.

 Irina & Tatiana. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New paintings by Bogdan Luca. Hyper-reality.

After last year's amazing  Unmoorings exhibition and the monumental painting Reverberations unveiled at Brock University in the fall of 2010, Bogdan Luca's most recent work is featured in the following  blog article

We have dedicated several posts to Reverberations on our blog.

Bogdan Luca's art is thoroughly impressive, crafted out of unbridled imagination and poignant colors.

A perhaps unknown facet of Luca's talent is his uncanny ability to reach into the depth of the psyche of his models and to capture the essence of their characters; his is  a post modernist approach to portrait painting that oddly enough results in a crisp & realist rendering.

Luca's brush has a transforming gift: a cluster of visual narratives mutates into the reality of a dream – or, if you will, into a dream of reality.

To be precise:  a dream of hyper-reality.

                 "Falling Timber" by Bogdan Luca, 2010

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Art & Poetry - Berlin to Toronto

The authors of this blog, Tatiana Burghenn-Arsénie and Irina Moga, invite you to a brief moment of art and poetry on a city theme: Berlin.

Tatiana's drawings of the Berlin and Irina's poems created in Toronto as a commentary to images lit up by fleeting musings in the city are featured in the literary magazine "qarrtsiluni" and are also available as a podcast on the magazine's website.

 We hope you'll enjoy them:


According to an online source, qarrtsiluni is an Eskimo word for "expectant silence."