Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sequence

Luca is taking the painting to Brock University where it will be installed next week - I will be posting the details of the next steps as I learn of them.

Here is the sequence of panels as provided by Luca. 

It's a flow of images that converge on  the aerial view of the area around Brock University which thus becomes the 'bull's eye" of the painting. Groups in panels 1 and 2 appear to be engaged in a face-off with the groups in panel 4 over the area in panel 3. 

1- The English and The First Nations

2- Sir Isaac Brock and Norton on horseback, Florence Egerter and the Allanburg Women's Institute members.

                                       3- Aerial of St. Catharines area with composite of Brock campus and 1880 map of the realm.

                 4- William Henry Harrison in background right standing,with Ft. Niagara across the river. Laura Secord runs across the bridge on the left

                          5- A mix of figures, American, English and native uniforms: a re-enactment, as the whole painting is.

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