Sunday, October 3, 2010

Details from a Preview

Luca opened his studio at West Marine in Toronto on October 2nd, 2010 to fellow artists, friends and family for a preview of the painting in anticipation of  its installation at Brock University.

Jarvis and Lakesore E - where the West Marine building is located.


I had seen the early stages of this painting at the end of August & pondered over details of it almost daily – I knew the location of the studio, the setting - yet, as usual, I was ill-prepared for the encounter with the finished product. 

Its scale, beauty and visual organization (a tightly orchestrated and balanced narrative &  the vibration of its colors, moving from panel to panel) have caught me by surprise.

Lined up against the wall, the five panels form a continuum. 

It was  interesting to hear the thoughts of other guests, to take a look at the painting details and at Luca's studio once more.

Detail:  Sir Isaac Brock  (Panel 2)


Detail: The Niagara Escarpment (Panel 1 - upper left corner)

Detail: Horse head (Panel 2)


Detail: John Norton and his horse (Panel 2)

Detail: The Skyway Bridge (Panel 3) 

Detail: Maple tree (Panel 3)

Detail: DeCew House, aerial view- the square 
in pink, on the left above (Panel 3)
Detail: William Henry Harrison and Ft. Niagara.
(William Henry Harrison would become President of the United States in 1841.)

Detail: The War of 1812 and re-enactments (Panel 5).

Sketches from Luca's studio

Mixing board from Luca's studio


Bogdan Luca holding up a reproduction of the 1880 map he had used for the painting.

Adrian, one and half, with whom I became acquainted at the preview, was the youngest guest.

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