Saturday, October 9, 2010

Luca's Monumental Painting - First Images from Brock University

Luca's monumental painting has been installed at Brock are some images from its arrival and the work to get it assembled.

Luca at work on site

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Details from a Preview

Luca opened his studio at West Marine in Toronto on October 2nd, 2010 to fellow artists, friends and family for a preview of the painting in anticipation of  its installation at Brock University.

Jarvis and Lakesore E - where the West Marine building is located.


I had seen the early stages of this painting at the end of August & pondered over details of it almost daily – I knew the location of the studio, the setting - yet, as usual, I was ill-prepared for the encounter with the finished product. 

Its scale, beauty and visual organization (a tightly orchestrated and balanced narrative &  the vibration of its colors, moving from panel to panel) have caught me by surprise.

Lined up against the wall, the five panels form a continuum. 

It was  interesting to hear the thoughts of other guests, to take a look at the painting details and at Luca's studio once more.

Detail:  Sir Isaac Brock  (Panel 2)


Detail: The Niagara Escarpment (Panel 1 - upper left corner)

Detail: Horse head (Panel 2)


Detail: John Norton and his horse (Panel 2)

Detail: The Skyway Bridge (Panel 3) 

Detail: Maple tree (Panel 3)

Detail: DeCew House, aerial view- the square 
in pink, on the left above (Panel 3)
Detail: William Henry Harrison and Ft. Niagara.
(William Henry Harrison would become President of the United States in 1841.)

Detail: The War of 1812 and re-enactments (Panel 5).

Sketches from Luca's studio

Mixing board from Luca's studio


Bogdan Luca holding up a reproduction of the 1880 map he had used for the painting.

Adrian, one and half, with whom I became acquainted at the preview, was the youngest guest.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sequence

Luca is taking the painting to Brock University where it will be installed next week - I will be posting the details of the next steps as I learn of them.

Here is the sequence of panels as provided by Luca. 

It's a flow of images that converge on  the aerial view of the area around Brock University which thus becomes the 'bull's eye" of the painting. Groups in panels 1 and 2 appear to be engaged in a face-off with the groups in panel 4 over the area in panel 3. 

1- The English and The First Nations

2- Sir Isaac Brock and Norton on horseback, Florence Egerter and the Allanburg Women's Institute members.

                                       3- Aerial of St. Catharines area with composite of Brock campus and 1880 map of the realm.

                 4- William Henry Harrison in background right standing,with Ft. Niagara across the river. Laura Secord runs across the bridge on the left

                          5- A mix of figures, American, English and native uniforms: a re-enactment, as the whole painting is.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Luca has finished the painting - the five panels are ready to be assembled and are lined up against the walls of his studio. My blog posts have finally caught up with where he is  in this endeavor.

And now we wait.