Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Florence Egerter

 Florence Egerter and the Allanburg Women's Institute were strong proponents of a university in the Niagara region. 
Luca has provided me this link, with a photo of the Allanburg Women's Institute from which he drew upon as he included this group in his painting.
I found an article in the St. Catherines' Standard, where an interesting narrative brings together Florence Egerter and General Brock - similar to their proximity in the painting.


  1. Irina,

    the Egerter's Women's Institute reminds me very much of the Erland Lee Women's Institute here in Stoney Creek, the place where I host my annual Erland Lee poetry reading dedicated to rural poetry in a distinctively Canadian tradition.

    How wonderful if you could attend and read with us some poetry there next June.

  2. Conrad,

    I am thrilled by the invitation!

    Gladly! - it's a pleasure and an honor.

    I looked up the Erland Lee Women's Institute and found this link
    Erland Lee Women's Institute.