Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Art Toronto 2010

Art Toronto 2010, the 11th International Art Fair, was held at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto between October 29th and November 1st 2010. 

The fair brought together artists, galleries and art lovers in what I thought was an exceptional show of contemporary art.  

It was also an opportunity to explore the work of several contemporary artists whose stunning creations I will be discussing in future posts.

Here are some moments from Art Toronto 2010.











Monday, November 29, 2010

A poem by Nichita Stănescu in translation

"Stained Glass Window" is the English translation of the poem "Vitraliu" by Nichita Stănescu.

             Stained Glass Window

                                        by Nichita Stănescu

Your shadow, crashing into walls
breaks up into colored shards again.
Oh, and this is why you’ve seen me in the street
picking up its squared stones.

To put it back together inside the midnight hour
I’ll fold them gently over your window -
green, blue, yellow and red -
mounted on the helmet of  lead lines.

When you’ll awake, harlequins of colored glass
glued to panes, will filter the sun through their see-through skins,
and let it slide,
half-filled with rays, into your arms. 


Le poème "Vitraliu" (Vitrail) par Nichita Stănescu – traduit en français. 


                                          Nichita Stanescu

Ton ombre, s’écrasant contre les murs
se gare de nouveau dans des petits tessons.
Oh, c’est la raison pour laquelle tu m’as vu
dans la rue ramassant des cailloux taillés en carreaux.

Je vais la refaire, tard dans la nuit
sur tes fenêtres, en les posant avec soin
verts, bleus, jaunes et rouges
en heaume, entre les grilles de plomb.

Quant tu te réveilleras, des arlequins en vitre colorié,
cloués aux hublots, vont filtrer à travers eux-mêmes
le soleil qui tombera dans tes bras,
à moitié plié, entre deux rayons.  


Translated by Irina© 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amanda Nedham at LE Gallery, Toronto - November 24th to December 19th, 2010.

The Canadian artist Amanda Nedham opens her newest exhibition "like milk & blood" on November 26th in Toronto.

Nedham's works will be on display at LE Gallery in Toronto, from November 24th to December 19th, 2010.

Through her creations, Amanda Nedham explores new realms of artistic expression that draw upon allusions to the animal world to offer surprising and original "contemporary mythologies". 

                           LE Gallery, 1183 Dundas St. West, Toronto, Canada.

The Genesis of "Reverberations" - A Monumental Painting by the Canadian Artist Bogdan Luca

Our mini-event:
"Artist's Studio: The Genesis of A Work of Art", featuring Bogdan Luca's monumental painting "Reverberations" has now ended.

The painting, whose evolution we followed on this blog, is now installed at Brock University.

We look forward to your thoughts and presence on our blog as we continue our posts!


From September 2010 till November 2010, “Art and Poetry” has hosted an “Artist Studio’s” event featuring the painting "Reverberations" by the Canadian painter Bogdan Luca. 

Bogdan Luca is a Toronto area painter.
He graduated from OCAD in 2007 and completed his Master’s of Visual Studies at the University of Toronto in 2010.
Luca has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions and his most recent exhibition “Unmoorings” was hosted in May and June 2010 at the University of Toronto Art Center and at LE Gallery in Toronto.
He is the recipient of several art awards and is the co-winner of the First Prize in the Pirelli Relativity Challenge in 2005.

“Luca’s paintings are windows upon a world that is both unraveling and desperately trying to pull itself together, to coagulate into a coherent image, to make sense of itself and produce objective meaning.”

Bogdan Luca's  monumental painting "Reverberations" (8’x60’) is an artistic rendition of events and iconic figures from the history of the Niagara Peninsula.
The painting, whose concept was chosen from among a dozen submissions by Brock University has been installed in Brock University's newly renovated Thistle Courtyard in October 2010.
                                                      "Reverberations" - A detail

Monday, November 15, 2010

An Article On "Reverberations", Luca's Monumental Paiting in "Niagara This Week"

Another article on "Reverberations", the monumental painting created by Bogdan Luca - a painting that is now installed at Brock University, Ontario, Canada.

The article, signed by  Rebecca Mattina, has appeared in "Niagara This Week" on November 15th:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Reverberations" - Bogdan Luca's Mural Inaugurated at Brock University, Ontario, Canada

Bodgan Luca's monumental painting - "Reverberations" - whose genesis we have followed here - was inaugurated at Brock University. 

An article and an interesting video clip about this event have appeared in  The St. Catherines Standard: 

                         "Reverberations" by Bogdan Luca - a detail

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Luca's Monumental Painting - First Images from Brock University

Luca's monumental painting has been installed at Brock University...here are some images from its arrival and the work to get it assembled.

Luca at work on site

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Details from a Preview

Luca opened his studio at West Marine in Toronto on October 2nd, 2010 to fellow artists, friends and family for a preview of the painting in anticipation of  its installation at Brock University.

Jarvis and Lakesore E - where the West Marine building is located.


I had seen the early stages of this painting at the end of August & pondered over details of it almost daily – I knew the location of the studio, the setting - yet, as usual, I was ill-prepared for the encounter with the finished product. 

Its scale, beauty and visual organization (a tightly orchestrated and balanced narrative &  the vibration of its colors, moving from panel to panel) have caught me by surprise.

Lined up against the wall, the five panels form a continuum. 

It was  interesting to hear the thoughts of other guests, to take a look at the painting details and at Luca's studio once more.

Detail:  Sir Isaac Brock  (Panel 2)


Detail: The Niagara Escarpment (Panel 1 - upper left corner)

Detail: Horse head (Panel 2)


Detail: John Norton and his horse (Panel 2)

Detail: The Skyway Bridge (Panel 3) 

Detail: Maple tree (Panel 3)

Detail: DeCew House, aerial view- the square 
in pink, on the left above (Panel 3)
Detail: William Henry Harrison and Ft. Niagara.
(William Henry Harrison would become President of the United States in 1841.)

Detail: The War of 1812 and re-enactments (Panel 5).

Sketches from Luca's studio

Mixing board from Luca's studio


Bogdan Luca holding up a reproduction of the 1880 map he had used for the painting.

Adrian, one and half, with whom I became acquainted at the preview, was the youngest guest.